Production is the process of overseeing and arranging a song or album. Our in house staff can help arrange session musicians for your recordings, extend arrangements of your songs and even bring in composers to co-write if you’re looking for a collaborator. If you’re looking to be more prepared before recording, we offer pre-production guidance and are happy to put together a package rate to take you through the entire album process from writing to mastering.

Stereo Mixing

Designed by Crossley Acoustics, our control room is designed to offer the most accurate Frequency Response possible enabling us to hear exactly what your song really sounds like and ensure it sounds fantastic no matter what speakers your listeners are using. Based around a Pro Tools Ultimate system using premium AD/DA converters from DAD alongside a collection of 20 channels of Analog Compression each piece of equipment is curated for their sound quality and flexibility. The use of Analog equipment helps add a touch of variability and smooth tube saturation “warming up” sounds recorded anywhere.

If you’re located outside the NYC area we also offer unattended mixing. Simply send in your files, some references and after a conversation about your vision for the song we’ll mix it and send the files back. We’re proud to offer Source-Connect for high quality live streaming of your song in real time so you can hear it coming together at the same time our engineer does. 

For more information on preparing your songs for mixing, take a look at this article.


Reamping is the process of running clean (DI) guitar or bass tracks through amplifiers after they’re recorded. For bluesy twang, crisp cleans or high gain our collection of tube amps, boutique effects and speaker cabinets make dialing in the perfect tone a breeze. Just describe the sound you’re after, send over the raw tracks and we’ll get the tone. We’re also able to stream the recording process (via Source Connect) so you can hear and approve the sounds in real time.