Whether you’re looking for a specific microphone for a short overdub session or need to capture a full orchestral ensemble on location our range of affordably priced equipment rentals will cater to every recording need. If you’re looking for something specific you don’t see listed get in touch and odds are we’ll be able to arrange it for you.



Townsend Labs L22 Sphere
Milab VIP60 x2
Milab VIP50 x1
Milab DC196 x5
Milab DC96B x4
Milab LSR3000
Milab VM44 Link x3
Milab BDM-01
Neumann KM184 x2
SE RN17 x2
DPA 4011 Compact
Schoeps CMC Bodies x6
– MK2 Capsules x2
– MK41 Capsules x4
Mercenary KM69
Sennheiser MKH416
AT 4047SV x2
DPA 4060 x2
DPA 4061 x2
Naiant Omni’s
Shure Beta 91



Audix D6
Beyer M88
Shure Beta 52
Shure KSM8
Shure SM57 x4
Shure SM58 x2
Sennheiser 421 x3


Royer SF12
Extinct Audio BM9* x2
Extinct Audio Custom
Stereo MoGaine x2


Outboard Gear

Preamps & Outboard

GML 2032 Channel Strip
Digidesign Pre x8
Empirical Labs Distressor
Chrisman Multiband Opto Compressor





Eventide H9000
Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Comp
Acme Tube Spring Reverb
Eventide H90
Elektron Analog Heat
Surfybear Spring Verb
Eventide H9 Max
JHS Colour Box


Guitars & Basses

Fender USA Deluxe Telecaster
70th Anniversary Fender Esquire
Fender USA Deluxe Stratocaster
Gibson 60’s Reissue Les Paul – Seth Lover PuPs
1968 Hagstrom Viking Deluxe
1967 Hagstrom HIII
Gibson Voodoo SG – 500t & 498R
Reddick Custom Voyager – 8 pickup sets to choose from
Custom True Temperament Tele
Custom True Temperament Stratocaster – Lundgren PuPs
ESP Deluxe LTD-1000 w/ Evertune – E Standard & D Standard
Breedlove Oregon Series Acoustic
Tacoma High-Strung Acoustic
Schecter Ultra VI Baritone
Fender 12 String Electric Stratocaster
Fender Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster
Hagstrom Swedie – Vintage Hagstrom PuPs
Fender Jazz Bass – Noiseless Pickups
Hagstrom Short Scale Bass – Vintage Pups
Squier P Bass – Hagstrom BiSonic Pups


Nord Drum 2
Magni Headphone Amp
Music Valve Tube DI’s x2
Little Labs Red-Eye 3D DI
Behringer DI 4000
Radial Re-Amp
Custom Re-Amp x2
1×4 Buffered Instrument Splitter
Suhr 8Ω Reactive Loadbox
Multiple Eventide Pedal PSU’s
Ddrum Snare Trigger
Ddrum Kick Trigger
Ddrum Tom Triggers x6


Restored Wurlitzer 200a – Vintage Vibe Preamp
Vintage Hammond C3
Leslie 122RV
Fender Rhodes Mark 1 73

Amplifiers & Effect Pedals


Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mk II
Peavey 5150 II
Marshall JCM2000 DSL100
1968 Fender Bassman
Peavey Classic 50
Silvertone 1484
Rivera S120
Sovtek Mig-50
Kahayan 8×4 MIDI Amp Switcher

Speaker Cabinets

VBoutique Euro 2×12
Morgan Amps 1×12 Gold
Custom 4×12 Recording



Effect Pedals

Moog MF101 Filter
Moog MF102 Ring-Mod
Moog MF107 Freq-Box
Neural DSP Quad Cortex
Walrus Audio Bellwether
Hologram Elec. Dream Sequence
Hologram Elec. Infinite Jets
Hologram Elec. Microcosm
JAM Delay Llama XTREME Deluxe
Jam Pedals Wahcko
Jam Pedals Rattler Bass
IndustrialElectric RM1N
IndustrialElectric Echo Degrader
Fairfield MeetMaude Delay
Ninevolt Pedals Bathtime Reverb
DwarfCraft Wizard of Pitch
DwarfCraft Twin Stags
DwarfCraft  ARF
DwarfCraft Pitchgrinder
JHS Bonsai
Walrus Audio Janus
Walrus Audio 385
Ninevolt Pedals Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz
Ninevolt Pedals Skateboarding Bear
Custom Timmy Overdrive
Custom OCD Overdrive
Custom BE-OD Overdrive
Custom RAH Overdrive
Electro-Harmonix LPB-1
Electro-Harmonix Hum De-Bugger
3Leaf Audio Octabvre
3Leaf Audio Wonderlove

Recording Systems

Computer System

MOTU B16 16×8 AVB Stagebox
MOTU AVB Ultralite
MOTU M4 USB Interface
Apple MacbookPro 15″
Apple MacbookAir 13″

Software & Plug-Ins

Pro Tools HDx 2023
Logic Pro X
Ableton Suite 11
UAD Octo Core PCIE
Soundtoys 5 Bundle
Console 1 & Most Softube Plugins
Entire Collection of Plugin Alliance
Melodyne 5
Revoice Pro 4
Auto-Tune 8.1 & Pro
And lots more! – Let us know if you need something installed before your session and we’ll take care of it