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Ryan Kelly

Producer & Engineer

After moving to NJ he began working at Legacy Recording Studios in Manhattan. Working his way up from studio runner, he had a chance to learn from some of the greatest producers and artists in a classic studio setting. Working there introduced him to a wide range of genre’s and production styles. It is far more common for him to track a rock album, mix a rap single and then jump into a film score than it is to stay with one genre for too long.

This back and forth has allowed him to take approaches from each style and artist and try it out in a different setting.  It can be incredibly useful for Rock artists who want to add a string section or Orchestral groups experimenting with electronics and layering to have an engineer who knows how to deal with syncing LFO’s as well as choosing the right room and mics for a Decca tree setup.

In addition to his studio work, Ryan has more than a decade of experience in live sound production. A member of the Philip Glass Ensemble since 2012 he has toured productions with artists including Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Solange, Nico Muhly, Son Lux, Lenny Kravitz and many more.



Ryan Kelly

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Wake Up